When you sell your skills or services in a commissioned relationship, our invoicing service is for you.

Our service is particularly suitable if you are a start-up or light entrepreneur and do not yet see the need to set up your own business. You can also use the Laskuttamo service if you are an unemployed jobseeker and your business is a sideline, or if you are a student, a pensioner or an employee earning extra income.

Whether you’re selling your skills or a service, you can do as many different types of work and gigs as you like.

In practice, all professional groups can use Laskuttamo services. However, there are certain types of work that require a permit and cannot be invoiced through us. Please also note that our service is not for you if, for example, you are considering retailing goods online or running a business that requires large investments. In that case, we recommend starting your own business.