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Laskuttamo is built to make it easier for the person ordering the work.

Buy a service from a light entrepreneur and get employed. With the help of Laskuttamo, a light entrepreneur employs himself on a part-time or full-time basis. Let the Laskuttamotake care of the rest!

Why use Laskuttamo?

Kevytyrittäjyys alat

Light entrepreneurship sectors


Cost effectiveness


Time saving

Uusi tapa tarjota työtä

A new way to offer work

Vakuutusturva ja vastuullisuus

Insurance coverage and liability


The Laskuttamo’s light-entrepreneur model adapts to your company’s changing workforce needs. Ordering work for gigs, seasonal or longer-term assignments, payment of fees, tax bureaucracy and insurance are all left to the Laskuttamo. Your business can focus on its core competences.

Responsible actor

The Laskuttamo takes care of the bureaucracy and provides the client and the light contractor with a clear report of work orders. We also advise clients and light contractors on contractual issues.

Safe and responsible work is our starting point. All of Laskuttamos light contractors are insured with accident, liability and legal expenses insurance.

Saving time

The Laskuttamos light-entrepreneur model provides companies with a system that automatically handles the calculation of commissions. Time is saved in the financial management of your business, but also in the head of the light entrepreneur.

All this is done in a single portal, which also provides up-to-date statistics on events.

A new way to offer work

Today’s working patterns are diverse. One employee may often work for several clients. The light entrepreneur model also gives the light entrepreneur the opportunity to influence the amount of work.

Insurance cover and social responsibility

The Laskuttamoservice fee includes accident and liability and legal expenses insurance. This makes commissioning contracts safe for both light entrepreneurs and commissioners. We strive to ensure that those who become light entrepreneurs in Laskuttamohave sufficient knowledge about working as a light entrepreneur.

For every commission collected by a light entrepreneur, the Laskuttamo donates one euro to charity. In 2022, the donation target was Mieli ry. In 2024, the donation target will be Mieli ry.

The sectors in which our light entrepreneurs operate:

Laskuttamo has light entrepreneurs in following sectors

  • IT and technology
  • Consultation
  • Creative industries
  • Sales and marketing
  • Restaurant sector

  • Construction

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Events and entertainment
  • Passenger and parcel transport
  • Electrical contracting

Wasn’t your sector on the list? Contact us and we’ll find out if your sector is suitable for the light entrepreneur model.

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