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For Businesses2022-12-09T13:42:42+02:00

For Businesses

Laskuttamo system for light entrepreneurs is built to make life easier for employers.

Ease the financial burden on your business, offer workers the chance to earn more and save. Laskuttamo light-entrepreneur model offers an easy way to employ workers as light-entrepreneurs instead of traditional employment contracts. Let Laskuttamo take care of it!

Benefits of the Laskuttamo light entrepreneur model?

Kevytyrittäjyys alat

Light entrepreneurship sectors


Cost effectiveness


Time saving

Uusi tapa tarjota työtä

A new way to offer work

Vakuutusturva ja vastuullisuus

Insurance coverage and liability


Laskuttamo light entrepreneur model adapts to your company’s changing workforce needs in a more straightforward way than a traditional employment relationship. Whether you hire light contractors for gigs, seasonal work or longer-term assignments, the payment of fees, tax bureaucracy and insurance issues are left to Laskuttamo. Your business can focus on its core competences.


By contracting with light entrepreneurs instead of using employment contracts, your company does not have to worry about payroll costs or, for example, employee insurance. These savings can be passed on directly to the employee in the form of higher wages. A light entrepreneur can therefore earn a higher income while at the same time saving costs for the company. Better earnings make your company an attractive employer.

Saving time

Laskuttamo light-entrepreneur model provides companies with a system that automatically handles the calculation of commissions. Time is saved in the financial management of your business, but also in the head of the light entrepreneur.

All this is done in a single portal, which also provides up-to-date statistics on events.

A new way to offer work

Today’s working patterns are diverse. One employee may often work for several clients. The light entrepreneur model also gives the light entrepreneur the opportunity to influence the amount of work. The light entrepreneurial model allows you to offer more varied ways of working than a traditional employment relationship. A light entrepreneurial contract is an easy alternative to an employment contract.

Insurance cover and liability

Laskuttamo service fee includes accident and liability and legal expenses insurance. This makes commissioning contracts safe for both light entrepreneurs and commissioners. We strive to ensure that those who become light entrepreneurs in Laskuttamo have sufficient knowledge about working as a light entrepreneur.

For every commission collected by a light entrepreneur, Laskuttamo donates one euro to charity. In 2022, the donation target was Mieli ry.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more

The sectors in which our light entrepreneurs operate:

Laskuttamo has light entrepreneurs in following sectors.

  • IT and technology
  • Consultation
  • Creative industries
  • Sales and marketing
  • Restaurant sector

  • Care sector

  • Construction

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Events and entertainment
  • Passenger and parcel transport
  • Electrical contracting

Wasn’t your sector on the list? Contact us and we’ll find out if your sector is suitable for the light entrepreneur model.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Laskuttamo light entrepreneur model mean?2022-12-09T08:46:14+02:00

Light self-employment refers to work where the worker is not employed by the company but invoices the company through an invoicing service. Billing services such as Laskuttamocan also be used to bill associations or individuals. A light entrepreneur does not need a company or a business ID to invoice. The light entrepreneur and the company agree on a contract of assignment. The light entrepreneur is not employed by Laskuttamo. For unemployment and social security purposes, a light entrepreneur counts as self-employed.

How does an agency relationship differ from an employment relationship?2022-12-09T08:38:13+02:00

The light entrepreneur is not an employee of the company and the company is not the employer of the light entrepreneur. A light entrepreneur can be employed not only by a company but also by an association or individual who is not registered as an employer. A light entrepreneur works like a self-employed person, but without a company or a business ID. A light entrepreneur does not receive a salary from his client, but invoices the client for a commission. The sponsor does not have to cover the insurance of a light entrepreneur in the same way as an employer covers the insurance of an employee. The light entrepreneur takes care of Tyel payments himself, while Laskuttamo takes care of accident and liability insurance.

In which sector should you switch to a light entrepreneurship model?2022-12-09T08:38:13+02:00

The light entrepreneurship model is favoured in sectors where labour needs vary a lot from season to season or where the work is of a project nature. Light entrepreneurs are widely employed in sectors such as logistics, construction and event production. The light entrepreneurship model is also suited to the seasonal nature of the tourism and hospitality sector.

Many people who work in a professional capacity are also charged for their work as a light entrepreneur.

How much is a light entrepreneur paid?2022-12-09T08:34:47+02:00

The fee for the work is freely defined in the contract. The hourly or contractor rate for a light entrepreneur is not the same as the corresponding hourly rate in an employment contract, as the light entrepreneur pays for his/her own social security and pension, among other things, just like a self-employed person. The VAT-free price charged by a light entrepreneur is roughly 1.5 times the hourly rate for similar work. The contract should also specify the work to be carried out outside certain hours, additional work and any other costs.

Who takes care of the social security of a light entrepreneur?2022-12-09T08:34:47+02:00

A light entrepreneur is responsible for his or her own social security, just like a self-employed person. If the income to be invoiced during the year exceeds EUR 8261.71 (VAT 0%), the light entrepreneur is also obliged to take out YEL insurance, the level of which can be determined by the light entrepreneur.

Who insures light entrepreneurs?2022-12-09T08:32:20+02:00

Laskuttamo has accident insurance for light entrepreneurs who bill through the billing service. The insurance is valid for work invoiced through Laskuttamo and for travel directly related to this work. Laskuttamo is also covered by liability and legal expenses insurance. It covers light entrepreneurs invoicing through Laskuttamo for invoiced work.

Does the light entrepreneurship model improve the competitiveness of your business?2022-12-09T08:38:13+02:00

By contracting out instead of contracting in, a company can get people to work quickly and easily. There is no need to worry about redundancies once the job is over. When a company employs several light entrepreneurs, the overall savings can be large. The company can use these savings to invest and improve its operations, or distribute them to employees in the form of better pay.

Contact us so we can calculate how much your business would save by switching to a light-entrepreneurship model.

How will your business benefit from Laskuttamo?2022-12-09T08:38:13+02:00

There is no need to hire casual, part-time or summer workers, thus avoiding side costs, workers’ insurance and other employer obligations. Laskuttamo takes care of the bureaucracy involved in paying fees, allowing the company to streamline its own financial management. Laskuttamo also takes care of accident and liability insurance and legal expenses insurance for light contractors.

The savings from the light-entrepreneur model can be offered by the company in the form of better compensation for employees, if it wishes.

Contact us and we’ll tell you more

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