What is a Laskuttamo?

A light entrepreneur service that takes care of everything for you. We create a network between service providers and the people who need them.

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Laskuttamo is a reliable service for light entrepreneurs

  • Laskuttamo is not just a billing service. We provide a portal through which light entrepreneurs can not only invoice their customers, but also search for potential partners and contractors.

  • For companies in need of workers, we provide a channel to find workers and facilitate the payment of fees.

We donate 1.00€ to Mieli ry for every salary you withdraw.

We want to be a socially responsible and growing Finnish light business services company.

The benefits of light entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial freedom – employee convenience.

Light entrepreneurship
is freedom

You decide when, for whom and at what price you work.

The Laskuttamo takes care of

If you’re not passionate about calculating different taxes and handling expense claims, leave it to the professionals.


Put some of your income into savings and use it on holiday.

How much

You only pay a service fee of 3-4% of the commission you withdraw. No fixed costs, no start-up fee.

Easy and

Do the work and provide us with your billing details. Then you can put your feet up on the table!

customer service

If there is something you are wondering about, please send us a message or drop us a line. Let’s work out the problems together.

The Laskuttamo is not just a service for light entrepreneurs

We create a network between service providers and the people who need them.

How does it work?

How does it work?

Start a lightweight business easily.

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