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Valtticard is an electronic personal ID card in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which also serves as a key to the site. Valtticard contains all the information required by the Health and Safety at Work Act: a photo, the person’s name, tax number and employer’s details.

Valtticard is an excellent choice and a great multi-purpose badge for construction sites. In addition to being a personal identification number at the construction site, the card is used for access control and as a proof of professional qualifications. In addition, the eIntroduction you have completed is also available directly on the Valtticard.

In addition, the smart card has a barcode and RFID tag, so it can also be read electronically.

Order a Valtticard easily via

We can order a Valtticard for you once you have registered with us and confirmed your identity.

Valtticard costs 50,00€ (incl. VAT). You can pay for the Valtticard with an invoice.

Work like this

  1. If you have not yet registered for our service, please register here.
  2. Check that you are registered in the public tax number register. You can only order a Valtticard if you are registered.
  3. If no entry has been made, you can make an entry yourself in the tax number register.
  4. Fill in the Valtticard order form.
  5. Once we see your payment The Valtticard will reach you within 2-3 weeks depending on postal delivery times.

Order Valtticard

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