No fixed fees. If you don’t use the service, you pay nothing.

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free of charge

No fixed fees. If you don’t use the service, you pay nothing.

0 €

Creating an invoice
and sending

You can create invoices as soon as you register. Sending invoices is free of charge for you.

3-4 %


Laskuttamo service fee is 3-4% of the amount you bill.

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All this is included in the Laskuttamo fee:

Sending invoices and payment control

Send invoices in the way you choose

  • Online billing
  • E-mail invoices
  • Paper invoices

Automatic payment reminders

Recovery of unpaid invoices


Treatment of reimbursements of expenses

Treatment of travel allowances

Customer service and advice

Ask us anything related to invoicing or light entrepreneurship!

Statutory fees and declarations

Notifications and payments to the tax authorities

  • Withholding tax on income
  • Health insurance contribution
  • VAT payments

Income Register declaration

Certificate of service contract

If you want, we can also take care of your YEL insurance

Free marketplace

Laskuttamo creates links between businesses and light entrepreneurs. It is easier for companies to find the workers they need, and it is quicker for light entrepreneurs to find contractors.

Laskuttamo service pricing

Invoice amount Commission (VAT 0 %)
0 – 399,99€ 16,00€
400,00 – 2499,99€ 4%
2500,00 – 3499,99€ 3,5%
3500,00€ – 3%

Laskuttamo fee depends on the amount to be billed according to the table above.

Please note that the remaining amount will also be affected by other charges and withholdings, such as health insurance contributions of 1.34% where applicable, a surcharge of 2.5% and withholding tax at your own tax rate.

Savings scheme

Laskuttamo includes a savings system where the user can set the percentage of each salary that will be saved. Use of the savings scheme is voluntary.

We donate 1.00€ to Mieli ry for every prize you withdraw.

Mental Health Finland’s basic mission is to promote mental health and prevent problems. We defend everyone’s equal right to good mental health. MIELI is the world’s oldest mental health NGO.

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