Terms of use of the Laskuttamo.com service for users (light entrepreneurs)

  1. The Laskuttamo.com service (hereinafter “the Service”) is provided by Laskuttamo Oy, business ID 3153503-2.
  2. Before commencing to invoice for any work or service, any user of the Laskuttamo.com service (hereinafter “User”) must agree to be bound by these terms and conditions (hereinafter “the Agreement”). The User of the Laskuttamo.com service is the person who performs the work or service. The User is considered a light entrepreneur who performs gainful employment or services without being in an employment relationship within the meaning of the Employment Contracts Act. A client (hereinafter “Client”) is a company that has ordered work or a service from the User.
  3. To use the Laskuttamo.com service, the User must create an account with Laskuttamo.com.
  4. Use of the Service does not constitute an employment or service relationship between Laskuttamo Oy and the User within the meaning of the Employment Contracts Act.
  5. The User and Laskuttamo Oy agree that Laskuttamo will perform the tasks agreed in this Agreement which are related to the contract between the User and the Client and which are invoiced through the Laskuttamo.com service. In performing the agreed obligations, Laskuttamo Oy will act only on the basis of this commission.The User will also be responsible for all other obligations of the User in relation to the agreed commission and the contract pertaining to the commission between the User and the Client.  Certain requirements may apply to the User and/or the Client (e.g. licensing requirements, qualifications or specific insurance for the activity in question).
  1. Users may not use the Laskuttamo.com service to invoice for work covered by the Employment Contracts Act, nor for contract work through an agency. The User must make it clear to the Client that the commission agreed on between the two parties does not constitute an employment relationship with Laskuttamo Oy or between the User and the Client. The User and the Client will conclude a contract for the work or service, the terms of which are agreed between the two parties. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that no employment relationship is created between the User and the Client.The Client may not pass on their right to assign work to any other company. The content of the work or service to be performed and the amount of remuneration to be paid for it is a matter between the User and the Client.Laskuttamo Oy is not in any way responsible for the contract between the User and the Client.
  1. The User is entitled to charge for work or services provided by the User under the contract with the Client. The User invoices the Client using the Laskuttamo.com service. The User is responsible for the accuracy of all information provided. This includes, but is not limited to, the information to be provided on the invoice form in all its forms and the declaration of tax-exempt reimbursement of costs and expenses, as well as other expenses. The accuracy and acceptability of invoices created in the Service is always the responsibility of the User.Where necessary, the User must be able to prove that the work has been carried out by the User in accordance with the agreement between the User and the Client regarding the commission, without any dispute, and that the commission has not been agreed on in breach of good faith or of the law.Laskuttamo.com reserves the right to refuse to accept any invoice that is not in accordance with the law, government regulations or any Laskuttamo.com policy or agreement.
  1. Once the invoiced amount has been paid by the Client to the bank account of the Laskuttamo.com service, the payment will be made to the User as soon as possible, unless otherwise specified by the User. The payment to the User is conditional on the User having provided all the information necessary to make the payment.The agreed withholding tax is deducted from the invoiced amount, as is the Laskuttamo.com service fee and other agreed fees.Upon payment, the User will receive a payment invoice. The payment invoice is available in the Laskuttamo.com service.
  1. The User declares that they are a taxable person in Finland for the work invoiced through Laskuttamo.com.
  2. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, users who are registered with Laskuttamo.com are insured with accident insurance and liability insurance. Users can read about insurance policies and their terms and conditions on the Laskuttamo.com website.The User is responsible for ensuring that they have adequate accident and liability insurance cover for the commission. The Laskuttamo.com insurance terms and conditions and the terms and limits of the insurance policies are set out in the Laskuttamo.com service (for example, liability insurance has limitations on industries not covered by liability insurance). If Laskuttamo Oy’s insurance policies do not cover potential damage, Laskuttamo Oy is not liable in any way for any damage that may be caused to the User or the Client.
  1. The User is not entitled to make credit, hire-purchase or subcontracting agreements under the name of Laskuttamo Oy. Use of Laskuttamo Oy’s business ID may not be used for purchases exclusive of VAT within the EU.
  2. If Laskuttamo.com has, under the terms of this agreement, receivables from the service user, Laskuttamo.com has the right to charge them from payments to the User.
  3. Laskuttamo.com is responsible for the data protection and technical protection of the User under the appropriate legislation. The User accepts Laskuttamo.com’s data protection policy and related records of processing activities. The User is responsible for its own customer register in the capacity of data controller and for the correctness and legality of data in the register. The User is also responsible for ensuring that the User has the right to process the data, submit it to Laskuttamo.com for processing and to give Laskuttamo.com the right to process them.
  4. The User must comply with the laws, decrees and official regulations. A person under a ban on business operations may not use the Laskuttamo.com service.
  5. Laskuttamo Oy will not be responsible for any losses related to a contract between the User and Client. If Laskuttamo Oy is forced to pay compensation to a third party or the Client owing to an error, neglect or breach of contract by the User, the User is responsible for all losses to Laskuttamo Oy provided the User is in breach of contract, neglects their obligations or causes losses intentionally or through negligence. In case of any dispute between the parties, Laskuttamo Oy’s liabilities are limited to the service fees charged to the User.
  6. These terms and conditions enter into force once the User has logged into the Laskuttamo.com service and accepted them. The terms and conditions are considered to have been accepted at the latest when the User has begun using the Laskuttamo.com service.The terms and conditions are valid until further notice. Either party may terminate the agreement with two months’ notice.
  1. Laskuttamo.com has the right to change this agreement at its discretion without separate consent from the User. The changes are valid as of the moment they have been made. The User is considered to have accepted the changes by continuing to use the Laskuttamo.com service.
  2. The User may not transfer the rights and obligations within these terms and conditions to a third party. Laskuttamo.com always has the right, without the User’s consent, to transfer the Laskuttamo.com service and all or part of the rights and obligations within the terms and conditions to a third party.
  3. These terms of use are governed by Finnish law. Any disputes or claims concerning these terms of use should primarily be resolved through negotiation. If unsuccessful, the matter will be decided at Helsinki District Court.
  4. These terms of use are available in a number of languages. Should any difference in interpretation arise, the Finnish version is decisive.